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Location: Huila, Columbia

Used in: Compass and Sunbeam

When choosing to partner with Ally Coffee, we knew that our shared values of transparency, community, and relationships would guide their coffee sourcing practices at origin. Ally’s relationship with Aromas del Sur in Pitalito, Huila, Colombia perfectly represents these values for us. Many microlots, community lots, and smallholder farms (typically less than five acres big) grow Palmera, one of Ally’s Core Coffees. 


This cooperative style of agriculture does not perpetuate ecological degradation like other monoculture plantation practices. Hundreds of acres of pre-existing forests are not cleared which means naturally-occuring pollinators and pest-repelling organisms can safely thrive. That’s why Palmera is appropriately named after Colombia’s national tree. 


The team of producers at Aromas del Sur, thanks to their new state of the art dry mill, transform the crop into export-ready green coffee beans. Palmera is sorted, cleaned, and hand selected through this mill -- a culmination of the hard work of numerous communities, farmers, and producers.


Purchasing from Aromas del Sur producers since 2018

Commitment:  To pay an additional 5% on top of the cost of green coffee

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