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Dark Roast

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Coffees used in this blend: Concordia from Chiapas, Mexico and Nueva Segovia from Nicaragua

This dark roast from South America has deep flavor and tastes perfect as part of an early morning campfire or a hectic morning commute. No matter where your day is headed, this earthy, aromatic blend will help you stay grounded with its wonderfully balanced flavor. 

It’s made up of coffee from Concordia in Chicapas, Mexico and Neuva Segovia in Nicaragua. Concordia has 5000 producers with an average of 3-5 hectares each. In this region producers call coffee “Oro Verde” or “green gold”. Farmers work with the climate and the seasons to create a natural rhythm of production. Chiapas particularly has many large cat species like jaguars, and the farmers are very careful to ensure they are leaving space for the natural flora & fauna of the area to co-exist with their farming.

Purchasing from Concordia since 2020 

Purchasing from Nueva Segovia since 2020

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