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Light Roast

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Coffees used in this blend: Acacia from Guji, Ethiopia and Paubrasil from Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil.

Make your day flow easier with the fresh flavors found in this eye-opening light blend from Latin America + Africa. With the first sip, this sweet, fruity coffee will complement your day in the best way, no matter what lies ahead.

Acacia is grown by smallholder farmers all over Guji, Ethiopia. These cherries are handpicked at peak ripeness and represent a very traditional, fruity cup of Ethiopian coffee. 

What we love about this coffee is the community effort it takes to produce this. It is many people coming together, neighbors, friends and family all combining their crops. This coffee represents the beauty of what Guji offers the coffee community and inspires us to work together with those around us more as well.

Purchasing from Acacia since 2021 

Purchasing from Paubrasil since 2018

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