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Common Voice is a product line designed to give more people access to specialty coffee at a price they can afford. It’s also designed to better support our farmer partners by selling more of their available crop year after year.


Common Voice is a radically transparent brand that will have public year over year reports of our paying an additional 5% on top of the cost of green coffee to farmers, organic and fair trade certificates easily discoverable on our website, and QR codes on the bags so consumers can quickly find this information.

Common Voice coffees speak for us all—the farmers growing the beans, the land cultivated with care, and you, brewing your favorite blend to start your day. We value all people and all places and are committed to advancing responsible and sustainable farming practices, biodiversity, and social equity. By choosing Common Voice, you are part of our mission to begin to give back to farmers from all across the globe who tirelessly care for their land to provide us a cup of comfort.

With each purchase, we pay an additional 5% to farmers so they can invest in their land and help us grow a better, healthier earth. Together, we can support good coffee and coffee for good.

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